June 9, 2015


BAAKS is concise word for “Business Alliance And Knowledge Service”. This has been formulated to give Single Stop Solution at different strata of life.

BAAKS is the single point contact site for different facets of your life. We at BAAKS believe in core cause analysis for effective and result oriented operations. So we extend our services from professional to personal. BAAKS aims at benefiting Entrepreneurs, Job seekers, Job changers by the way of constant consultation, counseling and resume layout solutions.

We are dedicated to give professional service at different levels, such as First StepLife Balance and for Final Frontier with a motive of Learn, Earn and Live. This will be achieved though constant Information Transmission, Personal Guidance on Demand, Professional Resume Writing Assistance, Job Search Assistance, Professional Search Assistance, and by giving Life Skill Development Tips through training and counseling.

The term Professional Services to most of the Business implies to improved efficiency of staffing process. BAAKS believes in its unique service in consulting solution. A professional service at BAAKS is not “Just Sourcing Profiles” but giving solutions which needed to the Employers who are in need of Right Talents to Work in their key Projects.

Who is BAAKS

Ananthakrishna Sharma

An experienced Talent Acquisition Professional, Trainer, Administrator and Counselor, having over decade  of experience in Education Field which includes Research, Teaching, Managing, Training, RECRUITMENT, Office Administration and Counseling. And have enriched experience in concept selling, recruiting, hiring and marketing in various industries like IT Software, Hardware, Educational, Talent Management, Employee Management, Performance Management, and Life Skill Training.

A Self-motivated professional who achieves RESULTS and has superior ability to coordinate and perform several projects simultaneously, and possess strong technical/business acumen and understanding of technical requirements with deep sourcing skills.


Advantages Working with BAAKS

  • Expertise in resource sourcing services.
  • High level value-added professional services.
  • Training through experienced professionals.
  • Best Consulting Rates in the Industry.
  • Proven expertise as a Counseling and professional sourcing make us the ideal professional service provider in consulting Services.
  • Skilled consultants, problem solvers and technologists, so that you can confidently focus on your core business.
  • Just Write to us for Getting These Services Mail to BAAKS

What’s BAAKS

For Employers

BAAKS is a professional service provider understanding your line of business and work culture actively identifying and screening candidates in a manner described by you.

For Candidates

BAAKS aims at benefiting Entrepreneurs, JOB SEEKERS, Job changers by the way of constant consultation, counseling and resume layout solutions.

  • BAAKS assures you that we will place you in the right place and with the right position.
  • We guide you for the future, being a experienced in the IT RECRUITMENT field and better understanding of the Market and Candidates.
  • We assist you in Writing Effective Resumes, which can be presentable in various levels

When to BAAKS

When you find difficulties in finding some solutions, when you have ambiguity in choosing between many thoughts, when you are finding difficulty in life balance, BAAKS extends its helping hand in finding solutions through professional consultations and counseling.

Where’s BAAKS

You Can Find BAAKS in the area of Training, Life Balance and Counseling areas.

  • In Training domain we help you in Soft skill and Managerial skills.
  • Life Balance as finding right resource to appropriate positions, writing effective and professional resumes.
  • We engage in Counseling for students, job seekers, job changers, and in general.