June 9, 2015

First Step

Learning is the “First Step” in One Life.
To Know Who we are…..
What We Learn,
Why We Learn,
Where We Learn,
When We Learn and
How We Learn is More Important

BAAKS Guides you through all these phases and makes You Learn for Better Career

Resume Writing (Professional Resume Writing)

Many People don’t know the difference between Resume, Curriculum Vitae, Profile and Bio-data. All the above four type of presentation is depending on what you want to present. Writing a resume is a skill. Depending on the occasion and reader we have to present the document, so it will reveal proper and relevant information about oneself.

BAAKS helps you in designing your Professional Write up, and increase your Presentation Skills. It may be of Content, Positioning of content, Layouts, Style, Font, Tables, Graphs, and Pictures etc.

To Know, What to write? How to Present? Write to Mail to BAAKS

Softskill and Managerial Skill Training

BAAKS identifies the areas of training needs for fresher and professionals and delivers the much needed professional assistance to grow in their respective careers.

We continuously engage with individuals, institutions and corporate for training on Softskill and Managerial Skills wherever and whenever it is needed.

Please Mail to BAAKS for any inquiry on training needs.