How to hire the right people?

How do you find the “best fit” for your requirement? It’s not easy, but its not impossible either.

The process for filling any job opening is to source the right profiles, screen the profiles thoroughly, talk to the candidates, interview them and finally get them on-board. The trick is to carry out this whole process both efficiently and effectively.

Sourcing is considered one of the easiest by many, but it is also the first step towards hiring the right resource. So its imperative that the multiple sourcing channels are employed based on the requirement specifics.

Screening of profiles is the second step, and is equally important. Have a keen eye for gaps in experience, key skills mentioned in projects, size and status of the projects, roles and responsibilities of the candidate in the current organisation.

While talking to the candidate, ensure that you introduce yourself and the company you are representing, the need and the objective of the call. Make the candidate comfortable before validating all the points mentioned in the profile.

The Interview process can have multiple rounds, but the interview should validate the skills and experience claimed by the candidate as the first part, but more importantly, the attitude and efficiency of the resource. From my personal experience people can be taught skills, when they have the right attitude towards work.

Happy Hiring!