Learn, Earn, Live

As a good friend of mine said, professional life should be all about “Learn, Earn, Live“. I would add to that, life itself is a cycle of learn, earn and live. It’s just that what you learn, what you earn and how you live keeps changing.

At First, you learn about how things with from your college education, you earn a living from your first job and you then live a life that gives you your first financial freedom.

At the second level, you learn about applying your knowledge in the job, you earn the confidence of your colleagues and you live responsibly.

When you are at the third level, you learn humility from the leaders, and earn the respect of your team and peers, and you live a balanced life.

When this sinks-in, all your professional decisions are made by understanding where you stand.

But with all of these, life always has new lessons to teach. and new stars to earn and a new life to live everyday.